Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tot School-- The Carrot Seed

Oh my goodness, Two posts in a Row!!!  

Well, in my post yesterday I mentioned I'd started homeschooling Regan.  I call it "Tot School"- since she's a little young for real "preschool" and because I don't *really* believe that an academic preschool experience is necessary for young children.  But, more on my beliefs about schooling some other time.

This week, after our several week break, we're getting going with Tot School again with the book "The Carrot Seed", by Crockett Johnson (seriously, that is *such* a cool name!).  

(Image from Amazon.com)

Our typical weekly school routine will be this one, that I discovered on Pinterest recently:

We're starting on Wednesday this week, so our activity plan will go something like this:

Wednesday-  *Brief trip to the library to check out a few books on seeds/carrots/gardens.

Thursday-  *Plant a bean seed so we can watch it grow.
*Play with playdough (orange and green, if we can find, or have time to make, it).
*Take our monthly trip to La Leche League.

Friday-  *Story Hour at our local library.

In our book basket for the rest of this week we have:
(Growing Vegetable Soup)
(When the Wind Stops)
(New Boots for Spring)
(And the Good Brown Earth)
(How Groundhog's Garden Grew)
(A Seed Is Sleepy)

And, if we can find them at the library, we'll also check out these:

(Muncha Muncha Muncha)
(Inch by Inch: The Garden Song)
(The Tiny Seed)
(The Giant Carrot)
(How A Seed Grows)
(The Enormous Carrot)


(The Carrot Seed)

 I hope, in the future (hopefully we'll have more children one day to homeschool!), to purchase most of the books on the "check out at the library list" for our own library.  I used to own a couple of these, but in all of my paring down madness some of them must have been given away.  Oops.

I'm looking forward to getting started, and I know the kids are excited too- they LOVE this stuff!  

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